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University Links

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County
The mission of the Cornell Cooperative Extension educational system is to enable people to improve their lives and communities through partnerships that put experience and research knowledge to work. In Suffolk County, specific program areas are dedicated to the achievement of this mission according to the particular environmental, industrial and social aspects of our county.
Cornell University-Disease Management in Floral and Nursery Crops
Margery Daughtrey's program at Cornell's Long Island Horticultural Research and Extension Center combines applied research with immediate extension of results to growers of flower and nursery crops in New York and nationwide.
Diagnostic Services at Michigan State University
We assist a wide variety of people experiencing problems with plants and pests. There are many things that cause plant problems. Our laboratory specializes in diagnosing problems caused by arthropods (insects, mites, ticks, etc.), pathogens (fungi, bacteria, viruses), and nematodes.
Kansas State University
The people of the Department of Horticulture, Forestry, and Recreation Resources at Kansas State University are dedicated to improving lives through dynamic, diverse education and research programs. If you have any questions that cannot be answered via our website, Contact Us. We are eager to assist you.
Kansas State University
The department is housed in Waters Hall and maintains excellent research facilities with state-of-the-art equipment, a scanning electron microscope, and a research insect collection. The department currently has 46 permanent, residential and adjunct/ancillary faculty, four full-time office staff, about 20 postdoctoral and technical support staff, 29 graduate students, and several other temporary personnel and student employees involved in research.
Purdue Plant and Pest Diagnostic Lab Picture of the Week
The Purdue University Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory is a central facility for receiving both physical samples and digital images submitted for identification of insects, plants and plant diseases or diagnosis of plant and pest problems. This service is provided for the specialists and county extension educators of the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service and Purdue University's research faculty, staff, and students as well as for private businesses and citizens of Indiana. 
Purdue University Floriculture
Our research focuses on energy-efficient propagation and production of floriculture crops in controlled greenhouse and semi-controlled high tunnel environments. Our primary emphasis is on how light (quantity, quality, and duration) and substrate temperature during the young and finished plant stages influence crop timing, rooting, quality, and subsequent performance.
Purdue University Green Industry Resources
Purdue Green Industry Working Group
The Purdue University Green Industry Working Group is a network of university and Green Industry professionals working together to develop and support more sustainable plant production practices. The goal of this group is to develop innovative, sustainable, and economic practices for the nursery, greenhouse and landscape industries. 
The Floriculture program at Michigan State University
The Floriculture Crop Production Team at Michigan State University is composed of extension educators and outreach specialists with responsibilities in commercial floriculture, staff at Diagnostic Services, and faculty members in the Departments of Horticulture, Entomology, and Plant Pathology. The Floriculture Team has a strong relationship with the floriculture industry in the state.
Univ. New Hampshire
Welcome to the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension Greenhouse & Floriculture Website!

Our goal is to provide growing and technical support to greenhouse owners and operators in the Granite State. 

Association Links

Indiana Flower Growers
Flowering Physiology of New Greenhouse Crops

Photosynthetic daily light integral (DLI) is an important variable closely related to growth and quality of greenhouse grown crops. DLI can be a limiting factor for greenhouse production especially during winter and early spring, when most floriculture crops are propagated.  Outdoors, it can range from 5 to 10 mol.m-2.d-1 in the northern part in the United States (U.S.)
Kansas Greenhouse Growers Association
PO Box 263
Atchison, KS  66002   

Contact Person: Debbie Hooper
Phone: 913-426-0606
Long Island Flower Growers Association
The Long Island Flower Growers Association, commonly known as LIFGA, is a member organization of horticulture professionals located on Long Island.  It was incorporated in 1959.  The goal of the organization is to support education and research in the horticulture field, promote locally grown ornamental plant material and to educate the public about Long Island-grown superior high quality plants.
Metro Detroit Flower Growers Association
Our organization is a group of flower growers in southeast Michigan that are the primary suppliers of plants and planting products for the metro area and surrounding states. Growers are both retail and wholesale sellers, offering landscape plants, cut flowers and tropicals.
NC Flower Growers

NCCFGA was started in 1957 and has served the needs of growers for over 40 years. The Association ranks as one of the leading floriculture organizations in the nation and has much to offer growers of all sizes through educational, legislative, and floriculture research and scholarship activities.

The mission of the NCCFGA is to promote the North Carolina floriculture industry that it may help growers and retailers through education and communication. The NCCFGA strives to be a professional association that helps each member reach their ultimate goal.

NC Select
In partnership with NC State University's Horticulture Department and the JC Raulston Arboretum, the North Carolina Commercial Flower Growers Association are focused on helping to make gardening in North Carolina a successful experience. This website will provide information on NC Select varieties as well as general tips and gardening advice. These select varieties are proven performers in North Carolina gardens. 
New Hampshire Plant Growers Association
The NHPGA represents over 200 horticultural and allied trade businesses - part of the vibrant $522 million environmental horticulture industry in New Hampshire. Our members own and operate nurseries, greenhouses, garden centers, sod farms, and florist shops, and offer landscape design and installation services throughout the state.